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Agriculture Greenhouse Temperature And Humidity Sensor

One of the sensors is the temperature and humidity sensor. It continuously keeps an eye on the humidity and temperature of the air. According to a predetermined regulation, the temperature and humidity readings will be translated into an electrical signal or other necessary kinds of information output. In the manufacture of food, the temperature and humidity sensor has been crucial.

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SHT20 SHT30 Soil Temperature And Humidity Sensor

The temperature and humidity sensor utilizes SHT20, SHT30, SHT40, or CHT8305 series digital temperature and humidity modules. This digital temperature and humidity sensor has a digital signal output, a quasi-I2C interface, and a power supply voltage of 2.4-5.5V. It also has low power consumption, high precision, and good long-term temperature performance.

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Smart Home Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Temperature and humidity in the living environment have a significant impact on people's quality of life. According to medical study, 22°C is the ideal temperature for human health. At 60% relative humidity, whether the temperature is too high or the humidity is incorrect, individuals will feel uncomfortable. The temperature and humidity sensor included into the smart house can continuously check the temperature and humidity inside, and the controller will decide whether to turn on the air conditioner, humidifier, etc. to control the temperature and humidity.

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MF58 Thermistor

Features: *High reliability, excellent heat resistance with glass encapsulation *High accuracy of Resistance value and B value,good stability and repeatability. *Wide range of resistance: 0.1~1000KΩ 

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Electric Iron Temperature Sensor

Y12 this series of temperature sensors are installed by riveting and fixing. It has a simple structure and high-temperature measurement sensitivity. Various dimensions can be customized according to customer needs, which is convenient for customers to install according to the structure, and customize or match various characteristic parameters according to customer needs. This series The product has stable and reliable performance and good temperature measurement consistency.

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Motor PT100 PT1000 Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Temperature is measured using a platinum thermal resistance sensor made of PT100 or PT1000. Typically, it is used in conjunction with control, recording, and display devices. The temperature range is -50°C to 200°C. in order to fully realize the measurement, control, and regulation of temperature.

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Meat Thermometer for Grilling

BBQ probe purpose: In order to judge the doneness of barbecue, a food temperature probe must be used. Without a food probe, it will cause unnecessary stress, because the difference between uncooked food and cooked food is only several degrees.

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Instant food thermometer

Master the art of cooking with the Precision Chef Digital Probe Food Thermometer, your essential kitchen companion for achieving culinary perfection. This digital food thermometer with probe is designed for the modern cook who demands precision, speed, and reliability. Whether you’re grilling, baking, or candy-making, our digital probe food thermometer ensures that your dishes reach the ideal internal temperature every time.

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