Oem Temperature Sensor

Digital Temperature Sensor For Cold -Chain System Granary And Wine Cellar

The DS18B20 is a popular digital temperature sensor with the features of small size, minimal hardware overhead, strong anti-interference capabilities, and high precision. It outputs digital signals. The DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is simple to wire and is packaged in a variety of ways, including pipeline, screw, magnet adsorption, stainless steel, and numerous model options.

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Industrial Equipment Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Customized food-grade SS304 tube can be made in any size or appearance. Excellent high-temperature measuring precision, a broad temperature measurement range, outstanding moisture resistance, and high dependability are only a few of the product's many strengths.

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KTY Silicon Motor Temperature Sensor

KTY series silicon temperature sensors are temperature sensors made of silicon. It is suitable for high-precision temperature measurement in small pipes and small spaces and can be used for industrial On-site temperature is continuously measured and tracked. Silicon materials have the advantages of good stability, wide temperature measurement range, rapid response, small size, high precision, strong reliability, long product life, and output linearization.

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RTD Air Water Temperature Sensor

RTD temperature sensor applications: baked oven, Steam oven,Grill,Industrial Oven, Air compressor, Temperature-measurement Instrument, Heat meter,New energy motor

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BBQ Oven NTC Temperature Sensor

The Y07 series of temperature sensors uses thermal paste with a high thermal conductivity and riveting for fixing. It is easier for customers to install in accordance with the structure and adapt or match various characteristic parameters according to customer needs when various dimensions may be tailored to their needs. The performance of this line of items is consistent. high-temperature measuring sensitivity that is reliable.

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Coffee Machine Temperature Sensor

The Y09 series of temperature sensors uses top-notch moisture-proof epoxy resin packaging technology and can be customized in terms of dimensions and characteristics to meet the needs of the client. This makes it simple for customers to install the sensors in accordance with the structure. This line of items performs consistently and dependably. good consistency in temperature measuring.

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